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How could you not love him?

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i actually can’t deal with his face. his little half smile. ITS LIKE HE’S LOOKING INTO YOUR SOUL. 

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David Archuleta: Greater Salt Lake Restaurant Tour 2014

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You’re all I need to be with forevermore.

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@DavidArchie and his cousin, Vicky

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do you guys remember barriers??? do you remember the magnificence of every live performance of this song? the “hey!” at the beginning? the shimmy shoulders?? the kicky legs?? THE RIDICULOUS HAND MOTIONS???!!! OMG THE HAND MOTIONS. creepin in the doubt. just gotta STAHHHHHHHHP. he meeeeans it, yo. i mean. i had forgotten. but i watched this and i remembered. 

he stopped doing it after that tour. hold me while i sob.

campaign to bring back barriers starts now.

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Anonymous wrote:
"Where can I watch that video of his homecoming when he sees his family?"

If you search on Youtube..”David Archuleta Called to Serve” you should see it. It’s split into 4 parts.

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